sorry, stupid me

back2eight(South MS)March 5, 2006

whatisntseen and red_fox, nice pictures. Red_fox, it wouldn't let me reply again to your post, so my stupid "where is it" questions is still there for everyone to see. DUH! I'm sick and I just woke up, and my three kids are all sick. I had them at the doctor last night and now they are all on antibiotics. So my brain isn't working this morning.

I am posting some more frog pictures on the gallery. I will be posting pics of my new tank as I work on it, too.

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lol, thanks, and I'm sure red_fox doesnt mind.. hope you and the kids feel better! Nice frog pics!

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back2eight(South MS)

I guess when I read "gallery" I was thinking a photo gallery not on this forum, and I was wondering how we were supposed to find the pictures without a link. So like I said, stupid me. I'm not feeling any better, now I'm running a fever too, and the kids are going stir crazy.

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