Does Anyone Have Brugmansia in Memphis Area?

golfngardennut(8 NW of San Antonio)January 23, 2010

I just learned about Brugmansia and am wondering how they do here, does anyone have them around here?


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Hey they do have them here. I have seen them at Dabney's and Dan West on HWY 64. Or when mine come out of dormancy I can be talked into some cuttings. I didn't take cuttings this fall so I don't have a lot hanging around like I usually do. I have seen a few in ground here, tho I have tried to leave one out all winter here and it has not survived. You can either dig up every year or they make a nice container plant. This is one of my favorite plants they smell divine.

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Burgess is selling them, under "Angel Trumpets".

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I usually find them at Bayless Nurseries in Shelby Forest. The are usually about 12.00 in a gallon size container, and are usually in bud or bloom. So far they have only had Peaches And Cream a Variegated variety. Gorgeous White, that turns to Creamy Peach after 3 or 4 days. They scent your entire yard. Only if we have a mild Winter and you mulch HEAVY will they come back from the roots.

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golfngardennut(8 NW of San Antonio)

Awesome, thanks!!!


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My mom has them growing in the ground in zone 7A, so they should do wonderfully in Memphis. They need to have VERY GOOD drainage during the winter---cold+wet=rot.

Any OTHER winter I'd have a couple of five-gallon bucketfuls of cuttings, but I moved this fall and didn't take any. They're tremendously easy to root, although some cultivars are easier than others. Some are hardier, too.

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