tek t 5 lighting ????????

angelo_s(z6 NY)March 16, 2005

I was thinking of purchasing this system for my paludarium It's 60x18x26 and is densely planted above and below the water. has anyone ever used these lights. I was intrested in the 48" long with 4 lights 2 3000 kelvin and 2 6500 kelvin the lumen per watt rating: 5000 lumens per lamp÷ 54 watts=92.59 lumens/watt.. I need info on the lights if there ok for a paludarium and also if the lights give off uvb uva output for my reptiles vitamin D synthsis

here is a link for the lights


I also was wondering if a Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium grow lights in one fixture is a better way to go or is it too powerfull

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

T5's are very good for plant growth, and at 5000 lumens per bulb, those sound very good indeed! They are highly unlikely to give off any uva/uvb, so you'll still need a special bulb for that. Now assuming your tank is 60" long (not tall), you definitely do not need a metal halide or any other bulb like that. Fluo's will do you nicely, especially T5s. In fact, you won't need all of those bulbs. I would avoid the 3000K ones, and just stick to 6500K, as that is the closest to natural sun. 3000K will look very red, and make your plants and animals look weird. So if there is a fixture from the same company (or a different one) with only 2 bulbs in a 6500-6700K temp. rating, I'd get that instead.

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angelo_s(z6 NY)

what color are the 6500k? do they have a blue tint to them?

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

No, 6500K is the colour of natural sunlight at noon. It looks like a nice, sunny day. You can go all the way up to 10,000K before you get a noticeable blue tinge. 20,000K is what most reef tank keepers use, to get their corals to fluoresce nicely.

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