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kristenchace84May 25, 2014

Hello, this is my very first year having a garden , I live in an apartment so I did a raised bed on my patio. I went with the SFG method but I think I messed up. I planted spinach and black seeded simpson lettuce behind my kale and collards. I just transplanted all the plants about 2 weeks ago and they are just now showing some growth. My question is should I leave it like it is or pull it up and re arrange it all?

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Weicker(6a PA)

Why would you rearrange it? If shading is a concern, don't worry about it. Almost any leafy green will tolerate some shade, and the shade will help with bolting.

You're fine.

I have black seeded simpson growing under/between my tomatoes, as well as under a cucumber trellis. No harm.

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slowjane CA/ Sunset 21

Hi Kristen. I'm not sure I understand your question. Did you plant all these plants from transplants you bought? And why do you think you need to rearrange it? If there were slow to start that's okay - they're just working on roots, rather than leaves and it takes a minute to get going. ;)

My concern is that it is late in the season for those plants, but I'm in SoCal so depending on your climate it might be fine!

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