My cottage & roses

henriksloDecember 22, 2010

This is my cottage in Slovenia's vineyard region called "Posavje", and pictures of roses that I already grow there.I also grow old varieties of peaches , plums ,

pears, apples and cherries-my favourite fruit.

When I bought this , it was just a vine cellar, so I draw all the plans for the builders , down to the last piece of wood .Being "poor as a church mouse" I decided to sell my

"Hummer"(Fiat Panda 4x4) in spring an finally finish this

project.First picture is as it was in 1999.Last one is taken in 2009.

Roses are Pierre de Ronsard , unidentified HP and Variegata di Bologna.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Great pics henrikslo! Have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday!

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Henrik your new cottage looks very nice! You are a good architect and it seemed to be build with excellent craftsmanship.

It is great that you have enough land to grow roses and fruit trees!

I have to say on the first photo I would not have recognized Pierre de Ronsard, even though I grow this rose myself. Usually in my garden the middle of the rose is much more pink and the outer petals are white, rather than the soft peachy white flower that you posted. Was it very warm when you took this photo? But I think I do recognize PdR in the second photo behind the unidentified HP ;-)! The HP is very lovely!

I love Varigata di Bologna and will never forget when I saw this rose the first time in person on my visit at Sissinghurst England. Unfortunately this rose is not supposed to flower well in Southern California. Well you can't have it all!

Thanks for posting these pictures!


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I love the cottage. And, those fat round buds on Variegata di Bologna are so cute!
What a fairy tale setting for your garden.

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BecR(zone 9 CA 19)

WOW wow wow, Henri!! LOVE your cottage in its original rustic simplicity, as well as the improvements. You've done an excellent job. Beautiful roses as well, and I love the rustic trellis--are those grapevines growing on it? Would also love to see the interior of your cottage, if you feel like sharing more pics...

Merry Christmas!


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Thank you all!
Jim , thank you and Merry Christmas to you to . I enjoyed pictures of your pets , so I'm sending a picture of my
"spoiled brat" here.
Christina , yes this plant of PdR is grown on very
warm/hot location , it fades to completley white. I'm sending here a photo of the same flower before it was fully
Thanks Sandra , I love my VdBologna . I think it is the most beautiful striped rose of them all.
Thanks Becky , and Merry Christmas to you to.Sorry , no pictures of the interior , because it is not finished yet.
But it will be next year , and I'll send some pictures then.
My spioled pet

Pierre de Ronsard

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Ahhhh. My favorite rose of all.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a) those roses!!! I've always though Variegata de Bologna is the most beautiful striped rose too!!! How wonderful that you can grow it. How is its rebloom?

Your house seems to really fit the land. It looks wonderful. Great job!!

I especially like your unknown dark pink rose.

Thanks for the wonderful photos!!

Is your dog a specific breed? I love how he looks!!


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mindstorm(z6 MA)

Love your pictures. The house evolution is incredible - it looks grand at the end. You must be quite chuffed about it. Really love your garden - really all of it. The roses (I really love your PdR pics), the grape vines, the sunken garden. But the cute doggy is a winner. She's beautiful.

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Thanks , Carol and mindstorm !
In grow VdB for 16 years now , not a single flower after
the enormous first flush - ever.
My dog Ajsi is an American Staffordshire Terrier , he came to me from a dog shelter , and he just adores people , other dogs and cats.Here is the picture of that unknown rose from october , true colour was even darker , my camera
can't cope with it.

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I LOVE your cottage-----how many rooms do you have ??---I love the whimsical touches---looks like a great location with lots of room to grow whatever you want.
Your roses are lovely----
Hope you have a wonderful New Year----


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Thank you Florence !

This is a very small building , 5,4 m X 5,2 m. There is only one room , above the cellar. The stone walls in cellar are 75 cm thick , the room above has 25 cm thick walls , so there is a little more space in it. This is a view from the cellar .

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I enjoyed looking at your pictures ... it is always interesting to see some European gardens on this site. What kind of gardening weather do you have in Slovenia?

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

I asked about your dog, because of the wrinkles on the forehead - reminded me of a basenji - so I thought he might be part Basenji. Beautiful dog!!

Too bad about VdB's lack of rebloom. But that doesn't change the sheer beauty of that rose!!!! Wow!

Love that extra picture of the unknown rose. Wonder if anyone here can identify it. The color reminds me of pictures I've seen of Reinne de Violette.

Thanks for the look!

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I love the details you added to your cottage: skylight?, and the arch above the door. I also love your roses. I have longed for PDR but, am trying to come to grips with the fact that it won't do well in my cold climate.

Do you have 2 American Staffordshires? We had to put ours, of 11 years, down last spring. He was the nicest dog I ever had. People here fear that breed like the plague. It's funny how the masses follow media so easily. I have to admit I feared his breed for a long time until I learned more and experienced one for myself. We had ours since my eldest of 3 children was a 1 year-old. He was definitely a family dog. The dogs, of their breed, that we hear about in the media, are dogs that are abused by drug dealers. It's sad that the media tries to make the dogs the villians. I guess it sells more. Anyway, didn't mean ramble on. I suppose I miss my beloved pet and have a little animosity for the hate mongers.
Thanks for putting-up with me,

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Thanks Kitty ,

I have only one AMSTAFF . The one on the last picture died
three years ago , tumors and epilepsy . It is still hard for me to talk about it . I love the breed , this is my third one . I agree with everything you said about them , and it breaks my heart how mistreated they often are .
My dogs best friend is another Amstaff from my neighbour ,
they are both males and adore each other , other dogs and people . In over twenty years with this breed , I've never
seen a vicious dog , only bad people that own them .

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Just to ad to my previous post . My spoiled pet and another picture of that unknown hybrid perpetual.

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Denidill ,

I live in the central region of Slovenia , summers can be really hot , up to 35 celsium , an winters cold , -5 to -25 celsium .Our mountain region (Alps) is even colder , while in our Adriatic region , climate is milder .
Here is a picture of rose alba Suaveolens , that does well
in all our regions , and can still be found in many old gardens .


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mark_roeder(4B IA)

Henrik, Your weather is not too much different from here. We dipped down to -22F, or -30C, about 10 days ago, -30C is usually about as low as we get during winter. We had a blizzard last night in NE Iowa. Not sure how much snow since it was blowing so much; it was over top of my snowblower housing in many places this morning.

How's your weather? Much snow?

What is the main language spoken there?

You write well in English.

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Thank you Mark . Our main language is Slovenian . Not much snow here at the moment ,just few inches , constantly bellow zero , everything is stiff frozen . I've seen last night on TV what a dreadfull weather you have . I must say that I hate winter and snow , but I guess plants need a rest ... So until spring comes "Carry On Wayward Son..."

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mark_roeder(4B IA)

Thank you Henrik for your response. Ljubezen the fact that you even tap into English language colloquialism. I had to research Slovenian, as I did not know that it was a language. And it is spoken by a relative few. So much we learn from communicating by internet with persons throughout the world.

I apologize to get off topic. Is there a second language, or multiple second languages? Are you growing roses at multiple sites?

You renewed my interest in posting photos here. Maybe in a day or so I'll get some photos up of my rose beds in winter snow.

The deer were coming into town until the past few weeks, but now they must have more food in the country than they can find in town. (We are in a town of 5,000).

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Zdravo! (I think I spelled that correctly...)
Henrik, you have really had your work cut out for you...but what a fun thing to work on! (I'm Slovenian and Croation on my father's side, so anytime I see the word "Slovenia", my radar beeps.)
What a lovely view your cottage has. The roses are so perfect there. I love true countryside gardens.
Best of luck with your restoration, the work will be worth it. I commend your dedication and vision!


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Thank you Mark and Amy !
I never tought I'll see slovenian words here :)
We have Italian and Hungarian minority here , their languages are second ones . A lot of people from other former Yugoslavian republics live here , so Serbo/Croatian
language is also present.
Mark , I used to have a rose garden where I used to live before , most photos are from that one . I have a small garden where I live now and I'm starting a new one on the site with cottage from those pictures here .
Here is another picture of cottage and some of my favourite rose "Erinnerung an Brod" .

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Nice Images...Thanks

flowers chennai

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mark_roeder(4B IA)

Henrik, one other question -- this looks like rough country and I don't see any neighbors (maybe that's a benefit). What are the benefits of having a cottage at this location? Are there other cottages? Is there prime hunting grounds?

Are grapes still growing? Are there commercial wineries? Is it a touristy area?

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I always wanted a cottage in rural country with a lot of land . Here I have 14.000 M/sq. There are other cottages and neighbours nearby .These are prime hunting grounds and
mushrooms and wild roses grow like crazy , woods are full of wild cherry trees . Country is full of old orchards , a lot of old roses still grow beside old houses/farms , a paradise for a rose rustler like me . There are a lot of old grape vines.In Slovenia we have the oldest grape vine in the world . Commercial and private wineries are everywhere , Slovenian wines are excellent .
The Spa is near , many old castles and churches , one hour drive to Adriatic sea...

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teeandcee(Florida 9b)

What a view you have! I love your cottage too and all the roses you can grow so beautifully. And only an hour drive to the sea. Henrik, you have it all!

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Your cottage has such charm. Fill the surroundings with roses and it will be fabulous.


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