Terrarium plant swap...anyone here?

haps(5)March 3, 2013

Wanted to know if anyone was interested in doing some trades of cuttings or moss starts...seems this place is pretty deserted. Let me know!

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paul_(z5 MI)

This forum tends to go in short bursts. While folks are researching or building their terr(s), they show up here frequently, then once they are done they disappear. Kind of the nature of the beast.

Can't say there is too much I would personally be interested in ... though if you have any miniature species african violets (not the hybrids) or maybe some mini bromeliads that I don't already -- that would be of interest. I'm at that point wherein I have most of what I want and instead just sell off divisions of my terr plants.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Haps, not sure if you are the one who emailed me via GW, but if so ... unless you have emailing enabled, I will not be able to respond through the email you sent.

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