Succulents in an old vase...possible?

ihatepavelbure(8)March 17, 2012

Hi there,

I've got a ton of old florist vases from flowers that were delivered, etc. I would like to put a few succulents in one of these and was thinking I could do pebbles, a screen/sphagnum moss, then a potting medium into the vase making it into a small open-top terrarium.

Kind of as pictured in the link below.

What do you think, is this possible?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It's do-able, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you don't want to keep it permanently, or want to spend time being the most careful water-er on the planet. Terrariums with succulents really aren't made to last. Succulent watering requirements don't lend well to glass, especially with no drainage holes. They will rot if kept wet. If you buy a glass drill bit and make drainage holes and don't water until all the soil is dry, then maybe it's passable.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

To add to what JungleMel said above, the succulents pictured above have incompatible needs for sun & watering.

The Crassula types (the long thin thing, C lycopoidioides), will want lots of bright light, maybe some direct, light as will the Echevaria. The darker Haworthia in the center largely wants shade, so that would eventually mean something will be unhappy while the others could be happy.

I grow lots of succulents & am a frequent poster at C&S Forum of GW.

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