UPS screw up!

Cdfortin(GA)April 16, 2005

I ordered plants from black jungle, and they were sent UPS 2nd day air service to arrive friday. Even though the truck containing the package drove through my neighborhood, they failed to deliver the plants! Now, because they can't get to the plants over the weekend, they have re-scheduled the delivery date for monday. Is all hope lost? Will my plants be in revivable condition after 4 days of travel? The weather conditions here are very temperate, and the plants should remain moist over the weekend. Will lack of sunlight kill them?

Of course UPS assured me that they "can accept no resposibility and will not compensate for the death of the plants." I can see them saying that if the plants had died do to extreme heat/cold, however, if these plants die, it will be entirely their fault.

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

Well, for your sake, I really hope they're okay. They most likely won't die from lack of sunlight, not that quickly, but hopefully they don't overheat. UPS never takes responsibility for killing plants, no matter what, so you'd be SOL if they are dead. Black Jungle packs them well though, so IF they were healthy to begin with (I don't like Black Jungle plants, except for the tillies, which will be severely dehydrated, BTW, so make sure you have a nice bowl of water waiting for them to soak in overnight when you do get them), they should be okay.

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Some people on my mailing list said that they should be fine too. I'm just a little nervous because most black jungle plants are teeny tiny little seedlings.

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Ok the plants came today:

Everything was fine except for the Jewel Orchid--its leaves are all blotched and shriveled-is there any chance of reviving it?

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

I'd give it a good soaking in water. Jewel orchids are pretty tough, so it should be fine, even if all the leaves die. As long as the roots and crown are good, you'll get new leaves. You might also want to try Superthrive. People on the orchids forum swear by it.

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Funny, my black jungle plants were all quite large and arrived in great condition. No problems with 2 orders through them.

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is it just me, or does Black Jungle not have the selection it used to?

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

From what I've read/heard on the net, it seems that Black Jungle ships MUCH better plants in the summer. I don't know why this would be, since all the greenhouses in my area have great plants in the winter as well as in the summer, all year in fact. I will certainly never order from them again though. They sent me one plant as a substitution, which I did NOT want, two of the plants have since died (and not because I'm bad with plants, because I'm not), and everything was quite small, making their prices outrageous. I don't know about their selection, as I've only been checking their website for about 2 years, but they do seem to have less than they used to. And certainly in the winter they have way less!

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