venus fly trap...

cghpndApril 3, 2013

Hey ... I was given a venus fly trap plant. Hippie I'm in the right place. I'm new to plants. About 1 month to be exact.

How do I take care of them. What do they like?
It came with a cup.

I'm lost when out comes to plants. I appreciate any information. Thanks.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

You really picked a toughie as a first plant lo lVFT requires a cold dormant period which makes them difficult as a houseplant. Lots of info on the internet on culture
Try a search by the name or check out many of the "Bog garden" sites . Guidelines for culture in your area.. Certainly a fantastic plant but does require special care. Good luck gary

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They are native to south carolina and thus whatever the weather is doing there will be what they need to stay healthy,which as gary indicated above is NOT easy.

Spending their dormancy in the fridge works from what I've heard. Last time I had one it spent the time it should have been dormant in a terrarium and YEP...I killed it. Poor thing needed rest!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

What i do is start them from seed in late Sept..grow as long as possible then start over. True, i don't get the largest size but do avoid most of the hassle
Wife insists on using the fridge for fruits and veggies which tended to lead to mold and fungus for the VFT. More hassle to counter with fungicide
The average of the seed method is around 8/10 months
Now if you get a dedicated fridge ??? you can also throw in some Iris Hosta agapanthus etc etc, lol gary

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