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velsgarden(TN 7)February 8, 2010

I was just looking at your ws blog.It was nice.But I did notice you didnt take your tops off of your bottles.You need to do this so they can get plenty of moisture and good air circulation.And when you have sprouts and the weather gets warmer you want to make sure you still have plenty of condensation inside the bottles.And when I prep my bottles I cut slits on two sides of the 2 liter bottles.Then when we have warm days and cooler nights I make a upside down v out of those slits,and rasise the lid during the day for good air circulation,and push them back down at night until they are ready to have the lids completely taken off.Some people plant out when they get their first true set of leaves,some in Feb.,but I just havent taken that leap of faith yet.Im glad you are trying ws this year and hope you are having fun with it.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Seems like no one is around to get their messages anymore.

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I have been working so much latly , that i haven't been checking the posts. It's been so cold here that my bottles are frozen. i will take the tops off when it gets a little warmer, they are in the shade too. I'm worried that my non gardner husband will not open bottles when it gets warm and I am at work! He can walk by a plant that is wilted for lack of water and not even notice! LOL! I cut mine in half at the middle so i can just open them when it gets so hot that the tops off are not enough. The slits are a good idea too, i'll try that next time.

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