Some questions about Liquid nail glue and mounting air plants

alexis(z8FL)April 1, 2006

I need some advice. I have all of my air plants ready to be mounted but have some questions. I have cut wood from a dogwood tree (some limbs needed to be taken off anyway and I figured they would also make good wood mounts for the air plants). What do I need to used to disinfect the wood? Also, I bought some Liquid nails construction glue (Original formula) at my local home depot. Is this safe to use in tanks with dart frogs and green tree frogs? I already have the glavenized wire that needs to be used to hold the tree branch in place.

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I dont know about liquid nails but silicone is safe after it cures, most people I know have used it for years and havnt had problems, thats why its used in aquariums, as for disinfecting the dogwood....I guess if you can fit it into your microwave? that would work! =) I dont use wire to hold up branches in my set up, I just position it in the tank roughly where I want it, take it out of the tank, and remembering the position, mount the plants, then I sharpen one end up a bit, and stick it right into the foam where, as long as you stick it into the foam deep enough, it will hold strong, thats one of the reasons why I applied the foam so thick! (as one member noticed in my pics) =) It ends up looking like roots (with cool plants growing on them!) sticking out of the background. =)

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I have air plants but they are breaking apart. Where can I buy some of the adhesive to put them back together?! My local garden centre used to stock it but no longer does. Can anyone help?

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