To thin or not to thin, that is the question.

arley_gwMay 2, 2013

I'm a newbie to serious gardening, but I have a very basic question.

You buy some transplants like zucchini or squash. The pot contains usually two, maybe three seeds that have sprouted. Do you a) transplant the pot, then cut away the weaker seedling, or b) let them both live and compete side by side.

Logic says 'a' , but a surprising number of people I spoke with chose 'b'--just let them fight it out.

Is there any evidence as to which would be more productive, a single noncompeting plant, or two competing plants?

(And I assume if you're using a trellis for tomatoes and cucumbers and melons, you thin to allow the most vigorous vine to thrive, no?)

TIA for any comments.

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Personally, I always try to split them - kinda a BOGOF offer from Wyevales :-)

it really depends on what it is and how you're growing it - onions for example will push each other out of the way, carrots I've found tend not to do well, vining plants ( if fed well, they're hungry at the best of times ) can stand being crowded but water and feed, water and feed ....

ope that helps, best of luck.

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