Are these plants safe to plant in a terrarium with my dart frog

alexis(z8FL)April 4, 2005

Does anyone know if the following plants are dart frog friendly? They are Zebrina 'Red Hill' aka Zebrina pendula (wandering jew), lipstick plant, and the Rainbow Peperomia. I plan to plant them in organic soil in the terrarium soon. I also have a Calanthea and Prayer plant that are now actually the only plants in the terrarium right now till I find out if the three above are frog safe.

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

Why would they not be? They don't have sharp spines or anything like that, and frogs don't eat plants, so you don't have to worry about any of them being poisonous. i will say that wandering jew will grow like CRAZY, and will need regular trimming back, but it is very pretty, and adds some nice foliage colour (other than green) to a tank.

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The one labeled a wandering jew plant is not a wandering jew plant. A google search showed a post in the Name that plant forum that looked exactly like my plant. The plant was tagged wrong and the name should be Tradescantia spathacea (Moses in a boat or cradle). Is this plant safe for dart frogs?

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

I believe T. spathacea is an old name for Rhoeo discolor, which I have. The common names are the same, at least, and it is in the Tradescantia family. And yes, I'd be certain that it's safe for PDFs, too. Pretty difficult to confuse with a wandering jew though. Does your plant look somewhat like a bromeliad? Can you post a pic?
Aside from that, pretty much all plants are safe for frogs unless they have sharp spines or spikes on them. So no cacti or spiny broms. You do know that PDFs require bromeliads, right? Guzmania, vriesia, and neoreglia are all good choices (no spines, and come in a great variety of sizes and colours). Your tank should definitely include at least one brom. They like to sleep in the leaf axils, and will also lay their eggs there.

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