Newbie gardening error- Please advise

njbeachgirlMay 12, 2009

Hi all, I am a new poster here so please be gentle with me! :)

I mixed some manure/humus into the soil for my SFG, thinking it would be a good source of nutrients. Since then I have learned that manure is a no go for root crops. Should I abandon all hope of having carrots and beets, and if so will I be able to next year?


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Since when?! Although...truth be told, I'd say as long as it was OLD manure, you're fine. If it was fresh, you MIGHT have issues. Any garden I've ever worked has had (old/composted) manure mixed into it every spring, and I have never had issues.

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I'm not sure how old it was... I purchased it at Home Depot- it was bagged- is that stuff usually old?

I read that it can make my carrots and other roots fork (not that I really care if they look funny.... I know they will still be edible....I just didn't know if it would cause any other issues!)

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daves_girl(7 GA)

I used the bagged manure from HD and Lowes, and my carrots & radishes look great.


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Yup. You'll be more than fine.

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You're fine. The bagged stuff isn't fresh enough to worry about. The "issues" with manure is diseases like e-coli, but old manure or composted manure, which is what the bagged stuff usually is, is just fine.

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I think fresher manure can cause hairy roots on the carrots but I think you should be fine using bagged product as it's not going to be hot like fresh from the farm.

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gumby_ct(CT it says Z5)

For potatoes manure can cause scab.

For the carrots, I built a box with sifted soil, compost, and sand cuz my rocky NE soil will cause forks and all kinds of problems with carrots. It's 3in wide by 12in deep and 6ft long. Oh the other reason was slugs, eating the tender sprouts before I could see them or had any chance to protect the seedlings.

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