Buying a beautiful terrarium

pandemoniumgApril 17, 2005

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone have advice on where to go to purchase a beautiful antique reproduction (or authentic) wardian case? I would be happy with a vintage case as well. I've seen the English Gardens site. I'm hoping to purchase a larger case that comes on a stand. I know these are very expensive, however, and may have to start with something smaller.

I live near San Francisco, so if you know of any stores in the Bay ARea that sell terrariums please let me know. Otherwise, websites would be great, but any leads would be helpful.

Cheers! :)

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

I saw a very nice one at The Bombay Company. Insanely expensive though! Of course it will go on sale at some point, but still, I think it was $600. That's Canadian, but even so, it's still too much to pay for something that size (and that quality. Trust me, I used to work there), so I wouldn't buy it. I think that someone on the orchids forum got two very nice Wardian Cases at Sam's Club. They were nice and big, and very cheap. You could also get one custom-made by your local stained-glass artist (no need to use stained glass though; it looks pretty, but only blocks light).

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ddot(zn1/2 OR)

At a risk of creating a rival, check out ebay. Type in "terrarium" in the search---great items, no bidders. All types of cases including gothic, big aquariums, books, you name it. If I had the money I'd be in heaven:) Good luck!!

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

I forgot about eBay! Do check them out, as someone on here got two very nice Wardian Cases on eBay. Shipping might be prohibitively expensive for a large case, but you never know!

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imaginators(z6 KY)

I bought a beautiful terrarium/stand with levels similar to the one that the lady who had the orchids from Sams Club. I love it. I won it on Ebay with FREE shipping. Check out Ebay.

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client_m(z5A IL)

Visit the indoor plant section at

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Nevermore44 - 6a

Definitely check out ebay.. below is the type that I and a few other people got at Sam's Club for $40-$50.. but they don't carry it anymore... so that leads to ebay... where they are making a nice return.. even when they have "free shipping"

This is my set up with the sam's club versin on the left.

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