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rwknopeMay 12, 2007

I recently bought "Rainforst Moss" from black jungle, put it down on moist "dendro bedding - Coco Bedding" and it seems to be doing alright, but I have noticed that a piece of Ghostwood that I have near it is starting to get a pale green (Mold?) maybe? Or is this how moss starts to spread? Do I need better ventilation or air circulation?

I am very new to this and this is making me a bit nervous. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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A little background info. I have an exoterra 18 x 18 x 24. 1/2 ground cover 1/2 water. I have a Terra Lite base substrate for the land which rises 1 inch above the waterline. Gravel put down in the water area, a reptiflo 200 pump in the water. Nothing circulating the air such as a fan and so on. The moss covers 90% of the ground area leading up to the ghostwood, which acts as a border for the shoreline.

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dirtmonkey(z8 OR)

Sounds like algae or possibly early stages of moss, they look similar. Even actual molds and fungi on wood (white, gray, other colors than green) are normal in a new tarrarium though- sometimes little mushrooms will pop up. It's a usual part of getting everything in balance. It almost always all clears up on its own, after a few weeks to a couple months.

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I'm glad to hear that! I appear to be starting mushroom farming myself, and am not especially happy about it. One tank is new (made late May), but the other one is one year old.

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