Viburnum hedge

junebugntn(7B)February 9, 2013

Last year I planted a row of mostly Allegany Viburnum with a couple Davidii and Prague for a privacy hedge. The Prague and Davidii have lost all their leaves over the winter. I thought they would be evergreen. The Allegany have a few shriveled up leaves. The hedge row is in full sun and exposure. Is this the best I can expect from these plants? I thought they would provide more privacy and be more evergreen. Thinking about removing some and replacing with hollies and/or little Gem Mag.

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GreenEarthLawns(7/East TN)

Allegheny is typically semi-evergreen, Davidii has some semi-evergreen tendencies but Prague is typically solidly in the evergreen category. My guess is that some of the colder nights may have been enough to stimulate the leaf drop.

Mixing in some hollies would definitely give you the winter privacy if you can tolerate working with the leaves! The Little Gem might just need a little more care to keep it to the height of the viburnums, as it can grow to 20 feet or so, but it can definitely be pruned into a shrub form with a little effort.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

We are on the cold edge of Viburnum davidii's hardiness range, so it would be shocking if it were evergreen here.

It's not uncommon for Prague to loose leaves, but I don't understand why yours would have totally defoliated (if they're still alive). Mine still have plenty of leaves. Hopefully yours will be OK.

There are MUCH better Magnolia grandiflora cultivars for this application. 'Little Gem' is well known but is loosing favor with the pros due to better options. 'Kay Parris' is a good example of a better selection. 'Southern Charm' (aka Teddy Bear) is another possibility.

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