New frogs

iliketerrariumsMay 13, 2006

Ive decided to try to keep two green tree frogs, I made this choice due to the fact that I have had some fish swimming around in my set up for some time now and they are doing fine, so, wish me/them luck! =)

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I have 2 green treefrogs (each in a 10 gallon tank of their own). They seem to like the plants I have in their tank, their rock water dishes, and crickets. But be careful: when you first put them in the tank, they might try to jump out at first. Mine stopped doing that after a few months. Also, green tree frogs are nocturnal creatures and eat at night. But I've read that they can live for 10 or more years in captivity.

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Yeah,they tried to jump out when I first got them, but know they seem really comfortable in there, check out my last post just below this one "new 55 gallon tank, what to do what to do" =)

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