Acorn Squash trellising

Sparky1961May 11, 2013

Hi all! new around here and I'm trying SFG for the first time tho I am not a novice gardener. I feel generally ok with the basics, but have a couple of trellising questions. I looked at the FAQ on this and am still confused.

1. Generally how to trellis. I'm going to put the upside down U type trellis with nylon netting--7 inch mesh-- on the north side of my 4x4 raised beds. I was going to do this parrallel to the raised bed board on that side right next to the side of the bed. Is this close enough for the things like tomatoes I would be growing in the center of the square next to the north side of the bed....should I move the trellis to center over the north side squares instead? I'm ok not growing on both sides

2 Winter acorn squash it will be further away (18 inches like on the spacing faq diagrams). I did not understanding how to stake or trellis winter squash. Can someone help me understand it better...the faq on squash staking just left me puzzled as I could not visualize it. --- Can I use my trellis? OR Do I need multiple single stakes and if so how high and where to place? OR Do I use a large "tomato cage?" and again how to attach?

THANKS in advance for help with this multipart question

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

You should align the trellis so that it straddles the intersecting line between the first and second groups of squares from the north side of the bed to get the full effect out of growing on both sides of a trellis.
Train the acorn squash vines to run up the trellis - then support the fruit with a sling to keep it from breaking the stem as it hangs.

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Thanks! What if I do not care about both side trellising...should it straddle the first North row of squares??

Thanks for the tip about using a sling.....I'll try to search How to Make a Sling but if anyone can tell me easily how to do this let me know.

Any special techniques to Acorn squash trellising??

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

Once you begin to trellis things, you'll have the desire to grow on both sides. Trust me...
However, if you don't get all excited about it - simply install your trellis along the north end of the bed.
Women's knee highs work fantastic for slinging things....

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Very helpful...i will follow your advice! Thx.

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Great! thanks.

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