my new whites terarrium

beckersterMay 19, 2005

my new whites tree frog's terarrium!

he's so cute

by the way, does anyone know what the middle plant with the pink sides is? it was labled "tropical foliage" descriptive...

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imaginators(z6 KY)

What a cutie your little frog is. What's his name?

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i acctually dont have a name for him yet! i've had him 2 weeks, but i'm so indescisive. any suggestions?

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

How adorable! That is the cutest little frog! He'll get a lot bigger though, hey? That's why they're also called 'Dumpy' frogs. They tend to get fat as they age. The sanseveria (far right, front) won't like it in there though. They like to dry out a lot between waterings, and it will stay constantly moist in your terrarium. The only way it might survive is if you have it just growing in the pebbles, no dirt. That way the roots can stay well aerated, and just wick up water from the bottom. It also looks like the tall growing kind. You'd want the 'bird's nest' kind. Also, just so you know, the wandering jew and pothos will take over. And why did you ask about a groundcover in your other post? The wandering jew will be a great groundcover! The tank doesn't look that big, (how many gallons is it?), so just wait a few weeks and see if you need any more plants. =) The variegated plant in the middle looks like either a dracaena or a maranta. I'd say more likely a maranta, because I've never seen a dracaena variegated like that. Try asking on the houseplants forum.

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oh yeah, he'll get three inches long. four if it's a girl. and, yeah, i was a bit worried about the snake plant...but my other "frog people" said they all had them in their tanks. so i thought i'd at least try it doesnt look very happy tho...i'll probly replant it. the tank in a 20 gallon tall.

the new ground cover, i admit, was just an excuse to buy more plants... :D ...and thanks for the suggestions!

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ladybug_guam(z11 Guam)

He' soooo cute! looks like he's smiling :)
Is he/she by itself... lonely? or has company?
Very cute! Take good care of him/her!
Ana :)

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It was only a terrarium until you put the frog in it, then it became a vivarium.
You should handle the frog as little as possible, they will absorb whatever you have on your skin through theirs. When you do for necessary cleanings and such make sure your hands are well washed and even better rinsed.

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My vote is for "sticky"(because of his feet) or something unlikely like "Bethoven" OR "Harold". Here in Canada "Clearnet" a phone company uses frogs like that in their commercials.

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yes i know it's called a vivarium, i just didnt want to confuse people who didnt know what that was. and i know about handing amphibians...i've kept retiles and amphibians for almost 10 years now. they're not as fragile as you'd think...unless i just handled something like bleach then picked up the frog without washing my hands, he'll be fine.

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Beautiful set-up :)

The pink plant is one of the Cordylines but I can't remember which one right now. Terminals? Australis? I'll think about it.

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You hope to not confuse people by using incorrect information... good plan.
Excuse me for having the wellness of the animals as a concern but if they aren't as fragile as I think , then why are so many species of them dying out after surviving for 360 million years?
Many people that buy these types of animals have no info on them and have done no research. The fact that you misnamed the enclosure, don't have a thermometer or a humidity meter didn't exactly fill me with awe of your skills and knowledge.

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

Easy, dragon! I myself frequently use the terms 'terrarium' and 'vivarium' interchangably. Most, if not all, people on this forum know what is meant, and it does no harm to use the wrong word in this case. You really don't know beckerster, so you can't judge her skills and knowledge, and if she's been keeping reptiles and amphibs for 10 years, chances are she knows what she's doing! Most people give up long before 10 years if they can't keep their animals alive due to bad husbandry. You also don't know if she took the thermometer and hygrometer out of the enclosure for the picture (I do this sometimes, for aesthetics). Now you wrote 'humidity meter' instead of the correct name of 'hygrometer', but this does not make me doubt your knowledge or skills. On the contrary, I have seen on this forum that you care a lot about animals and their proper care. There is no need to make biting sarcastic remarks. Yes, it is better to not handle frogs, but doing it once for a photo is no big deal. I'm sure beckerster is not responsible for the die-off of multiple frog species. . .

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