Foot smelling odor coming from terrarium

rageingnonsenseMay 29, 2012

So I have a small terrarium with mostly moss, but a few plants (most of which have died)

Today it has started to give off a mild (yet pungent) foot odor. I didn't know it was coming from it till I started to smell around that area. When I opened it up, I found that there is a white mold that has surfaced on the soil. Further inspection showed that the mold goes all the way down to the drainage rocks (as I can see it from the side).

What I am wondering is; Is there a way to clean this without removing the plants, or should I just chuck the contents and start over?

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sprinkle bits of coal into the dirt if you can. did you add a layer of coal when making the terrarium? You may have to start again :(

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