Moss Terrarium/Moss Milkshake

JoeSchmoeMossMay 26, 2012


Recently i decided to try this "Moss Milkshake" (2 cups buttermilk 2 cups water and a handfull of live moss) which is blended in a blender and is said that if you spread this mixture on something it will grow moss. I put this mixture on a simple terrarium in a large pickle jar (with lid) containing only dirt rocks and a stick, and in a few days it created this white fibery fluffy substance growing mainly on the rocks and stick. im not sure if this is moss starting out or just a mold. And if it is a mold should i remove it ? Thanks

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It's mold...If the moss you found was on the ground, try imitating the environment it was in..Place the same type of soil in the terrarium and use that..

You don't need the buttermilk at all..The buttermilk simply makes the soil more acidic, and helps to make a paste..You could easily just crumble up the moss in water, then wet the soil.

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