Cooling a terrarium

ilbasso_74May 20, 2008

Does anyone have any good suggestions for cooling a tank at night a good 5-10 degrees? I am trying to find something fairly cheap and this would be for in a basement with no outside ventilation (so an window AC unit is out).

I do not want to have to put frozen bottles of water in every night either. Any ideas? It can't be too expensive either

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The only way for your place is modifying a refrigerator. Here is what a guy in Europe did. Check the link

Here is a link that might be useful: check comment 11 for images

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I constructed mine as a fish tank(bottom broken out) attached on top of a large thermoelectric cooler. This provides for light, air movement, and temperature change b/c the cooler and light is hooked up to a timer. The temperature ranges from 58-72F. Then a tube brings in fog from an ultrasonic humidifier, which is also on a timer. I grow lepanthes and this setup works very well for them.

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