Elephant ears Taro bulbs

canelita-2May 19, 2014

Hello to All:

I recently ordered a couple of bulbs of elephant ears taro ... I have read mixed reviews... Some call them "invasive" some call them "beautiful"... I guess it depends in what area of the country one lives ...the leaves are large and impressively green ... Evidently where they get a lot of water they tend to grow out of control... Because of several comments, I became kind of concerned about these 2 bulbs "taking over" my other plants!!!

I live in the southwest part of the U.S., and there is no possibility that they will be getting too much water, just what is needed to survive... Drought is prevalent in this part of the country ...

Any advise from others who have these plants in their yards and if I have to be extra careful where I place them? AND just to calm my concern on the "invasive" label of this plant, I am planning to plant it in a planter first ...

Thanks for your comments ... They will be greatly appreciated ....

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I had some taro in a pot for about 3 years..they never seemed to multiply enough to seem invasive. This was in Zone 8.

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