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SprouterJune 3, 2013

I am interested in creating a completely sealed terrarium. But decided to have a different approach by using plants that would be considered "weeds" in gardens everywhere. I was thinking of using small weedish plants which don't grow very tall and can compete with each other. Most weeds can fertilise themselves but if not their will be fungus gnats within my tank so can fertilise them (If they survive that is). I also wanted mites and springtails within my terrarium as they would help recycle dead leaves and matter and would make it more interesting. The terrarium will be a woodland one so won't be too humid or hot.
My plan is to get a 15 gallon aquarium and fill it with the basic terrarium requirements, stones, soil, charcoal ect. Plant the hairy bittercress as it grows and reproduces fast which makes it a very competitive environment. I am also considering other small competitive plants but have non in mind. I will then released springtails and mites into the terrarium, They will help look after the soil and eat mold or fungus growing inside as well as dead matter.
Basically this whole idea is just a sealed ecosystem where I get to watch what survives. Also I would like to know if the mites and springtails will be able to survive with the amount of oxygen the plants will release? I chose these as they are very small so will need less oxygen. Any other harmless organism like fungus gnats and worms ect will also be welcome (If they survive).
I just want a terrarium tank with weedish plants and small invertebrates so the environment changes that can amuse me. My own little sealed world which may also become something of scientific interest later, if it survives long enough.
I'd love to know what you guys think, I have been planning it for a while (4 months) but haven't got around to it yet, my ideas have changed a lot but now I think this one might actually work. Thanks for reading!

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sounnds fun but i would buy red wigglers and dumpem in there

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