Does anyone still visit this web?

iliketerrariumsJune 12, 2006

Hi all...or no one... whatever the case, I was wondering if you guys are still alive!? This place has become somewhat of a graveyard, although I dont answer many post due to the fact that I dont have all the answers I do visit the site almost daily to see whats going on but as I mentioned above, there doesnt seem to be much going on? I know a lot of you have busy lives but please take a second out every now and then to post a " Hi Guys! Im very busy in my life right now but Im still into viv/terrariums/frogs! " I might not be able to answer all questions but together we can =) even if its just every once and a while! =)

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deadhamster(Z5 MI)

When I'm not doing maintenance on my eight foot tall terrarium, I make sure to lurk around here a bit :)


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Hey DH! Good to here from you! Im glad to here that you terrarium is up still up and doing well! Post a few recent pics of it if you will! Then we can wait and see who else is still alive and kicking! =) Thanks for the reply =)

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I responded to your post on the PR trip but alas ,you didn't I'm getting the itch to travel myself lol.
My new setup is going fantastic!!! Even the water plants are flowering. I used a top soil substrate and I not only got the lace plant to flower I'm actually getting sprouts!! I suspect the Florida heat will take care of that
but was sure worth the try. The "wall " is now planted to right above the water fall and when fall comes will start on the dry section. So far have used only cuttings of what i had but will add much rarer type plants as I find them.
I must have a New Guinea shingle plant the red type lol

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I still visit but I'm also pretty new to the terrarium thing and only have a little 10gal. I don't have much to ask or add but i like to read about them.

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I am still out in la la land.
I was just looking at this 40gal hex aquarium I have that has a cracked side and wondering just when in the blazes I will be able to get around to turning it into a terrarium for some African Violets. I really love African Violets but I have no place for them in the house that is suitable. The best I ever did with them was in an old office where the flourescents were on 24/7 and it was even temperature!
I am hoping that once I get my roof work done (I am re-roofing my house myself) I will have more time for alot of other stuff. I do have bowls in which I grow different Selaginella species out in my greenhouse-do they count???

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back2eight(South MS)

I check just about everyday also, and have noticed not much activity as well. I have been VERY busy so have not been able to post. My son got lost in the woods (we found him Thank God) and my house caught on fire. Just the kitchen, but it made a mess through the whole house and we are still working on it three weeks later. All of my animals were fine, although I don't see how because there was thick black smoke throughout the whole house. Anyway, I am still here and doing fine.

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I come here all the time too. I have 2 terrariums, one in a fish bowl and one in a 10 gal aquarium. I don't really have much to add and everything is going really well. I'm hoping that people post more photos, but I don't have a camera.

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paul_(z5 MI)

This time of year this forum usually slows down as folks are doing their outdoor gardening and all the summer-type activities.

: )

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I have visited this site a few times but have been busy fixing up my vivarium plus getting new hoya plants for my two green tree frogs' tanks. I got a few new plants for my dart frog's tank. The frog now has a brazil nut seedpod shell as a water dish. Hopefully these plants will not die on me. I'm planning on posting some photos of my dart frog, Rain's tank but have to figure out how to post pictures with the new software the company that manages my website is now using.

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