UPDATE: Christy's Tomato Swap Thread #2 Continued

bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)March 24, 2010

Sorry, I see the thread has reached its 150 limit.

Please remember to post when you recieve your seeds! There are still people I have not heard from that I sent to weeks ago!

TO easily find the first, original thread to this swap, click here

Here is a link that might be useful: Christy's Tomato Swap Part 1

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Hey Wendy,

Yes I did see Tokens rooting chamber and there is another one that I'm actually using ideas from both. I have a couple of the little type with perlite and a plugged pot with water in it. They work well, but plants root better with continued mist.

I'm in the process of rooting some more kiwi, plums and grapes. Plus I'm trying a few black caps. I may try to root some marrionberry, loganberry and boysenberry with the rooting chamber. I'd love to have a nice batch of each in the yard.

Yes, we do usually have Winters that get down to about 20 degrees. We had a really cold snap just before Christmas but that was the last real freeze we had. It's going to hit 66 degrees today, which is WAY warm for this time of year. It will be breaking records. Everything is in full bloom.

On the tomato cuttings, you can simply keep them in a vase of water in a sunny window.

Here is a pic of the Cherokee Chocolate that I took yesterday...note the little munchers in the background grrrrr the very pests that ate my tomato garden last year lol.

This one actually has buds already. It's burried to the bottom of the bucket and I broke off all the lower branches. It's finally starting to branch out now. And my Super Sioux is a little shorter, but it's getting buds too.

Also started a tiny cutting of Buckbee's 50 Day...it's about 15 inches tall now and growing beautifully. Wish I'd taken more starts from other types last year, but when you don't know what they'll do...you have to start somewhere lol.

DH is going to expand my GH this year cause I'm going to work on winter veggie growing too. Better shelving and better use of space in general will be helpful.

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

WOW. That is really impressive! I'd heard you could do cuttings but never really saw any threads of people actually doing it.. I just assumed it was a hit or miss kinda deal. I hope to get a propagation chamber going this year too. I've only seen Token's and all the 'stuff'' that goes inside has me a bit confused .. I get the gist of the idea, but not really the HOW TO of how to put it all together. I'll be studying his again soon. All that talk of berries has my mouth watering for summer! lol I'm going to dig up some blackberries this wkend and transplant against our back fence.. not sure if they'll still fruit this year or wait til next tho. I'm also brainstorming how to build at least a small hoophouse this season so I can overwinter things and see if I can play more with the propagation experiments. :) I do wish someone would do another cuttings swap, that was so much fun. I wasn't very successful the first time, but I feel like I understand the whole process much better now and would have much better results.

Congrats on your tomato babies! They look lush and healthy! Better than any I'm seeing in the store already.

Christy ~ I'll be sure to let ya know when mine arrives. I'm starting tomato seeds this week so it's perfect timing. :)

Wendy / sassyb.

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Could you share the link for Token's propagation chamber you were talking about? This sounds like a very interesting project.


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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Here is Token's but I'm trying to find the other link too...
I'll post when I find it...

Here is a link that might be useful: Home made cloning machine

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Toni there's another person that posted another link in that thread. not sure if that's the one you're looking for?

Lynn ~ Toni's already posted a link up there, he also has lots of info on his blog.

How's it goin' Christy? :)

~Wendy / sassyb.

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Yes that is the other one, but Token's blog has better instruction on his. You can actually find it on his GW home page.

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sunnyk(Z6 SW Coastal CT)

I got my seeds today WoooHooo...what a variety!! Thank you again for going that extra mile or even extra 100 miles for me :)And the buddy seeds are cool too, since one of the seeds sent was one that didn't germinate for me this year...so I get a do over next year LOL !!

Thank You!!

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bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)

Hi Everybody! Almost to the end! LOL! This is probably the most interesting, weird occuring, crazy thing swap that I have ever done! Just starting out with the dead computer, to the 4, YES, 4 Blizzards I had, and the Nor"easter that was even worse than the blizzards and called a "Winter Hurricane". I really do appreciate all of you sticky by me!

Hi Wendy! I was hoping you would of had your seeds by now???? Please let me know if you have not got them yet. You are scaring me, and I do not want to think another bean swap shipping happened to you!

Here is the list of what I just sent out and what will be done soon.

dirtdiggin and austinhannasmom, we have talked and know that I am doing your envies last :)
Randar08 DONE
Patti/patti1957 DONE
Becky/booberry DONE
Gary/coolbythecoast Working ON
GAry/kygreg DONE
Wendy/Sassybutterfly DONE
Julianna from Canada DONE
Penny/cybermeow DONE
Orcas cove DONE
skyblue WORKING ON
claylady DONE
jmy2213 DONE
Penny from Canada WORKING ON

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

LOL....last hmmmm that's cause I was a bad dirtdigger...hey deb...were you bad at diggin dirt too? LOL Just yankin your chain...holy cow I have to find room for my maters now!!! Been transplanting so I have LOTS to share.....just wondering what portion of my 8X10 GH I'll be putting them all in...belive me...I'll find room SOMEWHERE lol. NO worries Christy...I'll have MANY extras to send your way ;)

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

lol No worries Christy they came in the mail today! Packages seem to take a few extra days between us, don't they? I was very pleased with my goodies! I wanted to get some planted today but just plain ran out of time. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I hope to get them planted then. Thanks so much!!

Wendy / sassyb.

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cybermeowz(4 - ND)

I got my tomato seeds today!!! WOW!!!!! I'm stunned at how many varieties from my wish list that you were able to find for me. I'm so psyched!! I can't wait to taste them all this summer. Vine ripened 'maters . . . mmmmmm! I'll start planting them next week. I already planted the tomato "companions" that you sent me. What a nice surprise. Thank you for all of the work you did on this swap in between the multiple episodes of extreme weather that you have had. Hopefully you will have a really great summer to make up for it.

Thanks again for all of the work you put into this swap. We all appreciated it so much!


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patti1957(8 OR)


My seeds came yesterday! It was well worth the wait. Thanks so much for the effort that you put into this swap. You go above and beyond! Already looking forward to next years swap.


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orcascove(6 Columbus Ohio)

Hi everyone!!

I just got back in town from a weekend trip, to find my package waiting for me. Christy!!! You really are the bomb!!! This is my first round robin, and everyone elses comments had me assured it would be great, but I really had no idea.
The only problem I see is going to be figuring out where to put all the awesome new varieties you sent my way. I may have to expand my plot. LOL!!! Thanks so much, I'm off to get these babies started!!!

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Chisty, I received my seeds today. Wow! Wow! Wow! Not only did you get the ones on my list, but you gave me ones I was thinking of adding to my list!!! Thank you so much for all your efforts.

Now I have to look up how to pronounce "Skewuhvidneyeh"


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bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)

HI everyone! Yes! Another North Easter flooded NJ yet this week! LOL! Well, it is not really funny, but just plain unbelievable! Thank goodness I do not live real far north where all the heavy flooding is.

Anyway, I think this may be the last of the bunch done! Woohoo! Thank you so much for everyone's understanding and patience during all the highly unusual events that have gone down during this swap!

I have put sooo many hours/days/weeks, even months into this swap, that my husband and son are very happy that I am about over with it! LOL!

Anyway, except for the bad dirtdiggers, TOni and Deb
( J/K :) LOL!), everyone else is DONE!

Please let me know when you recieve your envelope! And if you are happy with it! Thanks again so much for sticking around! I hope that all my extra time put in paid off for you all! I hope you all enjoyed your extra "tomato friends" as well!

Again, PLEASE post when you receive. That is all I ask! Thank you! Christy

Randar08 DONE
GAry/kygreg DONE
Wendy/Sassybutterfly DONE
Julianna from Canada DONE
Penny/cybermeow DONE
Orcas cove DONE
skyblue DONE
claylady DONE
jmy2213 DONE
Penny from Canada DONE

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

LOL... hey Deb...You read that? Looks like my bad dirtdiggin transfered to you too lol. ;)

Well, I know this...Christy puts the most amazing effort into every one of her swaps...and this one has always been AMAZING!!! So I'm willing to await the bad dirt digger results.

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL gardening season...loads of veggies/fruits for your labors and amazing amounts to put up for the winter.

Happy gardening to everyone...I'll post when I receive my package ;)

Take care all :)


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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Hey Christy,

You have me marked again on this latest list as 'done' but I already rec'd my pkg from you.. Just making sure you aren't sending out a 2nd one to me! I planted 50 varieties of tomatoes in the past 2 wks. I am so insane.... :)


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Does "done" mean sent? I notice I was marked as done on March 26 post but have received no seeds yet.

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bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)

HI kygreg,

Yours did go out with the last batch. I had your envie for a few extra days because I re-opened your envie and added a few more tomatoes to your envie that I happened to get in the mail that I did not think I would get in time to share with you, but I did! So you should have it any day now. It was sent last week.

Hi Wendy! Yeah, I just cut and pasted the last chunk of the list, and you happened to be on it! I am so glad they got to you ok! I am so happy you liked them all!

If everyone who did not receive does not get them by the end of this week, PLEASE email me! Although my post office has been so late mailing lately, ( yes, there is still flooding in NJ!) regardless, I would think they should be all received by this weekend.

Thanks again for being so patient during this crazy time here. This will be one swap to remember!

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I LOVE that I'm a bad dirtdigger!!

I think the soil under my nails is permanent!!

Sounds like a great swap once again -

Can't wait to see what Christy sends west!!

Happy Gardening ALL

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Wow Christy! The varieties you sent me are truly awesome. I am very happy with the ones from my wish list. The effort you put into this swap is commendable. Also, thanks to everyone who participated and sent such interesting varieties.

Thanks again Christy!


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bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)

HI Everyone!

Have you received your tomato envies? I was hoping to have some received confirmations. If you received your seeds, PLEASE post. If you have not received your seeds, please send me an email asap.

Thanks, Christy

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The seeds made it to Kentucky. They arrived on the "second run" Saturday. I happened to be out in the yard when the mailman came. He left the mail but no seeds. I was getting a little anxious afraid they had gotten lost or something since they were mailed the previous week. Then I saw his little mail wagon coming back down the street and hope springs eternal, so I was hoping. But he drove past my house and I said "shucks" or something a little stronger, but then he did a u turn and came back and said he was day dreaming and forgot one and it was the seeds! Thanks Christy for your time and work especially during some trying time. It was a great selection.

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Just wanted to share how my Cherokee Chocolate is doing. This is my largest of the wintered over cuttings. I've taken additional cuttings from this plant, to create a few more of them, just in case the critters decide to try to get past my 8 foot fences lol.

Here is the pic from 3-24-10

And here is the very same plant pic taken today 4-14-10

There are a ton of new blossoms coming...but two blossoms are spent and just about to show me if they will have baby tomatoes or not.

It was so thrilling to see those tiny starts in WalMart...cause not only were they the same old tired hybrids, but they were so sickly, I wouldn't have paid the whole $1 they were asking for the sickly, tiny, same old tired hybrids lol.

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got my seeds. SO generous of you! THanks!


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bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)

ANybody else out there, please let me know you got your seeds!
Thank yoU! Christy

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