is my mini terrarium dying?

mchk0119June 18, 2013


i just received a mini terrarium as a gift and i'm really getting worried that it might be sick.

i've been trying to find a way how to revive it, but i'm scared to try as it might do more damage.

first, i have no idea what type of bulb or flower this is, that's why i can't really figure out how to solve the problem.

i really appreciate any help you can provide. i really just wish for this small guys to be healthy again.

many thanks,

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I don't see what's wrong can u give a. Better explanation that terrarium in the picture allmost looks fake it's so greenw

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paul_(z5 MI)

Very cute but something that small is either utilizing fake plant life or is a novelty item only intended to survive a short time.

Assuming it is actually live material, you might try asking the person who gave it to you what the care instructions are or if they could contact the place from which they got it for instructions. If it came with a tag, you could also do an Internet search for the company and inquire from them.

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