is this a terrarium?

cattails52June 16, 2013

I found this wonderful glass globe, I think is a terrarium but someone told that it is to large for growing.
It is 15" tall and 32" around. Any info would be very helpful, Thanks

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A greenhouse is effectively a very large terrarium.

I imagine greenhouses the size of cities but I'm a daydreamer. :)

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So it is a greenhouse, Thank you for the info.

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LOL no silly,..It is a terrarium or mini greenhouse. Effectively it is a humidity trap which will keep delicate plants that would otherwise dry up happy and supple.

Sorry for misleading you up there. ;)

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Thanks for clarifying, no harm no foul. I wanted to be sure since I cannot find another like it on the web. Thanks for your time.

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paul_(z5 MI)

No such thing as a container being "too big" to be a terrarium. The person who told you that has no clue. I have a 90gal and a 55gal terrarium.

Your globe looks more like a lighting fixture to me though that does not mean it could not be used as a terr.

Things to consider before trying to make it into a terr:
1) As it appears to only have that opening at the top, keep in mind the challenge it may pose to your fitting your hand or instruments in there to move plants or décor around as well as removal of dead material or needed pruning.

2) Air circulation will not be great -- stagnant air, particularly along the bottom, could pose issues.

3) Are the panes bound together by plastic or metal?
a) Especially if metal, then it is unlikely that it has water tight seals. Be prepared to see leaking unless you go through and apply clear silicon to all the lower joints. (But take care as you wouldn't want to have stray smears of silicon ruining the look of the globe.)
b) If metal, then it is quite possible that moisture which comes in contact with the metal may cause it to corrode and -- at some point -- fall apart.

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Thanks for the reply. The glass panes are soldered together. The door is a 5" square, it is kinda small but workable. I dont think it is a lighting fixture. I am thinking it is handmade, I guess it will be a mystery item. Thanks Pam

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