Termites in raised bed...

sanbpate(West TN)May 9, 2009


I was planting eggplant in my raised bed today and I noticed termites in my bed. Should I be very concerned. This is my first time planting in raised bed. I used untreated pine to build my box. Do I need to do anything I am sorta freaking out....


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daves_girl(7 GA)

Are you certain they are termites? Could they be flying ants?


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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

I have termites in my bed, too. The funny thing is - I saw an ant carrying one today. Gosh, I love those ants! Ha! My bed is made from cedar, and sure...it worries me a bit.


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I had termites in my beds. I was sitting on the deck when they all started hatching. Huge swarms of termites getting blown through the air. My termite guy was scheduled for the next day anyway for the yearly termite bond exam so I asked him. He said it wasn't anything to be concerned about but he would let his boss know to see if they wanted to come back out and spray. The next day they came out and sprayed just as a precaution. He said that I didn't need to worry because they weren't in my house and only in the wood by the garden. He said they are all over and we just don't know it. Still makes me nervous.

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The only time it's a real concern is if your bed is butted up against the house. Otherwise it's not really a concern. They will inhabit almost any non treated wood in contact with the ground and other than spraying chemicals or using chemical impregnated boards can't really be avoided. I figure so long as the wood lasts 5-6 years it's all good and relatively easy to replace when the time comes.

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