Set up w/ Tarantulas?

kek19June 15, 2007

Has anyone done a setup w/ a tarantula? Idealy someday in the future I'd like to have a large (tall) set up for an Indian Ornamental, which is aboreal. But for now I have a chilean rose hair (terrestirial, desert) He's only in a 10 gal aquarium, but am curious if I could incorprate plants to create a vivarium? (totally new to this, so forgive me if its the wrong term)

If anyone's done anything w/ tarantulas, i'd REALLY like to see pics!!

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paul_(z5 MI)

Haven't gone out of my way to make a fancy terr for either of my T's.

Do keep in mind that your CR is a desert dweller and a burrower by nature. Keep the terr too damp could be unhealthy for him. Also he may decide to burrow under your plants thereby uprooting them. You might try providing him with a burrow first so if he decides to use it he might leave any plants you do put in there alone. One method would be to get a length of PVC pipe & cut it roughly in half length-wise. Position it so the cut area is against the glass [you may find it useful to hot glue it in place]. If he decides to claim the burrow, you'll still be able to see him unless he decides to web over the glass area. You can use the same treatment for a curved connector piece should you find one so you can more easily create an entrance rising to the substrates surface.

Plant-wise, you would likely be best off leaving the plants in pots. Your terr is unlikely to have sufficent lighting to keep plants happy longterm. If left in pots you can rotate them out on a weekly basis to a sunnier location.

Thornless succulents and cacti would fit the "desert look" best and would need little water.

Also keep in mind, the more plants, the more hiding places for prey items to hide making it harder for your CR to catch them. Prey might also decided to eat the plants. You might try putting the T's water dish close to its burrow entrance in hopes that prey will get caught on the way to the "watering hole"

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I really wasn't planning on doing anything w/ the cr, especially since he's a desert dweller. If I did a plant set up w/ a tarantula, it would be with a tropical tarantula, like one of the ornamentals. I was just curious if anyone here had given it a shot. But I do like the PVC pipe idea. Granted I've never seen a CR burrow.(this is my 3rd) My only burrower (that actually burrowed) was my Hatian Birdeater years ago. Absolutley facinating to watch him carry loads of dirt!


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paul_(z5 MI)

My B. smithii was an active burrower.

It's quite possible that the CR's might be more opportunists taking over existing burrows.

: )

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