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vance71975June 27, 2007

Hey all, i just wild collected some moss from around a pond in a wildlife area( no spraying of any kind is done there) and here is the deal, i have a Tank not a fancy set up but it works for 3 frogs and 3 toads that i have, until today when i collected the moss there was really nothing in the tank but some potting soil, and a little coconut fiber material under that. i am wondering if this moss will grow ok on the dirt? its the kind of moss you find on dead logs and tree bases in NW Ohio not sure of what kind it is, its a flat green moss. i have been on a bunch of sites today that say an acid heavy soil is best and one even said urine heavy soil, which 3 toads and 3 frogs will produce a fair amount of. any advice ?

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Lycopodium clavatum looks identical to the moss i have in my little ecosystem, not sure that it is but it looks like it. any tips, tricks for making sure it grows well? to be honest i am hoping it helps to combat the smell that the soil is giving off. Due to now 6 in the tank and there bowel movement and urine.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Can't help you there, Vance. For moss sources, have you checked with the moss forum? They might know.

Whatever you find out, report back here & let us know. : ) Good luck in your search!

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