Is my terrarium being taken over by bugs????

haileyrJune 15, 2013

Hi all,
I've had terrariums for awhile now but I just started a new one a few weeks ago and today I noticed some weird things going on.
I bought some plants from my local Home store, some Irish moss, a polka dot plant, and a bonsai tree. The terrarium is a glass house with an open roof, about a foot wide by half a foot. I used sphagnum peat moss soil and I usually water it by spraying it every other day with a spray bottle. I have been trying really hard to keep it nice and moist in there since it's so hard to keep anything alive in the dry heat of Nevada.
I read somewhere that preserved moss could be revived by working it into soil and keeping it moist, so I thought I would give that a try around some of the rocks in my terrarium also.
Everything was going perfectly these last few weeks, my plants were thriving, my soil was nice and moist, and there wasn't a problem at all.
I put my terrarium on the floor yesterday to clean my table. Last night, my sister noticed a large white, boney-looking spider on the couch just a few feet from the terrarium (not a normal spider for Nevada) And by large I mean about 2 inches long.
Then this morning I was pruning my plants and spraying them when I noticed this clear stringy web stuff going around the base of a little decor object and around the rocks in the soil. You wouldn't be able to see it except for the fact that I had just sprayed the water in there and you could see the raindrops (it looks like a spider web that's just been rained on).
Then I notice this wet-looking brown round bug under one of the leaves of my bonsai tree. So I take it out and put it on paper. I thought it was a seed so I crunched it and it sounded like the crunch of a snail except it was long and fat and had antlers? It was about half an inch long, maybe a little smaller.
Then I notice that there are white dots around my bonsai tree! They look like the white dots in soil, but I realized, my soil doesn't have white dots!! They're just scattered around my little tree's trunk.
I am going to try to take a photo of my terrarium to post on here. But what could they be? Are the webs just moss growing in or spiders? Are the white things eggs or mold or fungus?

I wouldn't mind bugs if they aren't going to hurt my terrarium but my polka dot plant has some holes in it from bugs feasting on it! And I have a very very big fear of spiders and the last thing I want is to be breeding spiders to live in my house or my terrarium!!!
Please help!

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Now I'm curious...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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paul_(z5 MI)

Pictures of the assorted issues will be a must.

If you have spiders in the terr, then you have bugs there. (That's the whole reason spiders would be hanging around. Work on your phobia -- spiders are the good guys. )

I would guess the white dots are molds. FYI, bonsai really are not good candidates for terrs.

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The slimey stuff and snail you killed is clear indication you had a hitchhiker on a plant when You planted. Which is fairly common but now good. Glad you found him and keep an eye out for more. Also sounds like mold.

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