SFG design website?

jamib(NW)May 17, 2009

Someone told me that there is a website with a tool for designing your square foot garden. She said it helped you know which plants to put next to each other, and allowed you to drag and drop to design it. I've tried google, but I'm not finding it. Anyone know of a website with a design tool? Thanks!

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This is my favorite, although it only offers plans for 3'x6' gardens. I just played around with it in MS Paint and made it conform to my measurements.


Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Garden Planner

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I found this site too. It is awesome for design but I dont think it has anything about companion planting does it? I love it. I just hate how long it takes to scroll through the plants to find the one you want. But boy it looks nice!

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liisa_rwc(10b Bay Area CA)

Here you go. I had fun using this tool.


You can see how I used it the link below. Scroll down to "The Plan"

Here is a link that might be useful: The Plan

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Plangarden.com also has a free trial version, and also has 'shared' gardens that you can look at from people who have used it all over the country.

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