Commercial seeds swap seeds coming home!

ishareflowersMarch 5, 2011

Just an FYI for those of you who are new to seed swaps. Please don't adhere your postage to your return envy. I am forced to overpay at the post office if you have put too much on your envy! If they are loose I can add what is needed and send the rest back to you!

I mailed packages to the following people today.

poisondartfrog-didn't include dc $$,p.o.didn't cancell your stamps so I sent your $2 back to you :)

fez920- didn't include dc $$








zubababy-about $10 in postage coming back to you! Do you own stocks in the p.o.??



Louise,in the future please don't adhere the stamps to your return envy. There was 4.10 in postage on your envy and it was under 2.oo to mail your package home. I hate to give the p.o. extra but they were adhered!

Realbusy..I was not aware that you couldn't send a large manilla envelope(which is what you sent for the ride home) with a dc# unless it went by priority mail! I would have brought it back home and used one of my bubble envies but he said I couldn't pull your postage off and glue it to another envy(in the future, don't adhere postage) and it was going to be another few dollars. I mailed the envy as it was, I'm hoping it makes it home safetly!! I already had your envy sealed up tight with the .20 change from your dc# $$. I owe you .80 cents!!! Please drop me a line with your addy.

Barefootgardener, I think that you thought what you sent was 2-1.00 stamps and 1 .44 cent stamp BUT what you actually sent was 2-.28 cent stamps and 1- .44 cent stamp. I was there in line at the post office and he tells me how much, I thought they were $1 stamps too!The difference was 1.87, I paid it just to get it out of

sassy and faye- I want a chance to go through my stash one more time for you two so I will mail yours on Monday!


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Well, how exciting! I will remember about the postage next time.

Are you getting a bit of a thaw today? We are up here!

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Hi Deanna,

Yes, we had a bit of a thaw here too, some of my snow banks are only four feet high

I went outside late Saturday and again yesterday because my ws crates were exposed due to melting. I had to move them around a bit. I also shoveled the snow off of my front garden beds...I see new green growth!! I am just so freaking tired of the white stuff!!

I have to run to the post office this morning to mail sassy and lisam's packages AND pick up my envy of dc#s. I brought an envelope for Ray(the postal worker) to put all the dc slips and receits in as we did them and forgot to take it when I left! I called, he said he had it and would put it aside for me!

I did ask as he was doing them and he said they should be delivered on the 7th and 8th....YAY

Have a great day

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Got an email from realbusy, she got her seeds today. I'm very happy because she had no dc#. I asked her to pop in and post to the group.

Deanna, yours should have come home today too..where r u ?


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realbusy(6 - NJ)

Hey LISA, got my seeds today, they are awesome, you are awesome..don't worry about the .80, apply it to someone who underpaid...thank you so much for doing this..I'll keep your notes in mind for next year...HAPPY GROWING, YOU'RE GREAT, AND THIS IS THE BEST SEED SWAP EVER!!!!!!

P>S> IF anyone is interested, I have some beautiful canna rhizomes (Cardinal red flowers)..see my trade list...thanks
Happy SPRING Everyone!

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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

Hi Everybody!

I just wanted to post that I received my AWESOME bubblie today. Thanks to everyone who sent in seeds to share and super thanks to Lisa for hosting such a wonderful swap!!

Happy Growing!! :)

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I'm happy that your happy. I hope you can use the extras sent,if not you can pass them on in the next swap.

Sassy and Lisam, I am sorry to say that I didn't get your envies out like I thought I would.

My husband came home from work early Friday (this is never a good sign). He refused medical treatment all weekend. I ended up having to bring him in for x-rays today, AAANNNNNDDDD we have a fractured foot! Yay, just when we started to move forward again... I will try to get in there on the way to the orthopedic in the morning, if not I will run out in the afternoon.


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lisam627_ohio_z6(Z5 OH)

Hi Lisa,

Take care of your family, I understand completely as they come first. Just mail when you can - no problems here on my end. Thanks in advance for your hard work! - Lisa

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Thanks Lisa but I went to the post office this afternoon, right between bringing one of my dogs to the vet(he's a rock eater) and hubby to ortho.! We had the xray(dogs) and are waiting till morning to see if surgery is needed....I have my fingers crossed,$220 today and $1500 if he doesn't pass it himself! Hubby will be in a air cast for 6 weeks :(

SO>>>Lisam and sassy were both mailed this afternoon....yay


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My seeds came yesterday & I planted alot of them today. I'd like to thank everybody for the nice selection & thanks to Lisa for everything!

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I got my seeds today, yayyy!!! I LOVE them all! Thank you everybody for sharing the seeds! And special thanks to Lisa for all the hard work! You are awesome!!

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hibiscusfan zone5-Northwest Ohio(5 northwest Ohio)

My seeds came today and have been having a great time checking them all out. Had to take time out to visit my mother in the nursing home, she's 90 and had a full knee replacement, gets to go home thursday. Thanks everyone for sharing your seeds and to Lisa for doing a great job!

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Goodness gracious Lisa! You certainly have your hands full! No worries here, just take care of your family -the 2-legged and the 4-legged!
I hope your hubby heals quickly and that your dog gains the wisdom that rocks, no matter how crunchy and delightful they seem.. aren't worth it in the long run! :) Sprinkle cayenne over the rocks that tempt her/him.. that has always worked well in deterring my labs from chomping on rocks. You have to reapply often is the only downfall, but when it is applied, it works great! Great squirrel deterrent as well..


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Good Morning,

I'm glad to see that envies are making it home.

I got a private email from BAREFOOTGARDENER, she is unable to post to the gardenweb. She wanted me to thank everyone for the great seeds that were sent in. She said she is very hapy with the selection that she got back.

I also got a private email from FEZ920, he got his seeds as well.

JAYNINE, I'm glad that there were things that you wanted to I am always afraid that I won't have anything that you or POISONDART will want to grow on, you both have tough lists! I know that mine will be about the same next year...I have no room for what I have already!

It'a always nice to read that people are happy with what came in to share!

Sassy, that's a great idea, the pepper. I have two labs, they are brothers AND I inherited a boxer/pitbull mix when my Daughter moved back home in July. They are all trained on an electric fence system and have no access to areas where there are rocks.We have no idea where he is finding them!

I almost forgot to post about my butterfly gift, what a perfect match! Thank you to everyone that sent me a hostess gift, they are not required but are appreciated!

This is a bigger shot of the room

Here are my pups, can't get them to sit still so this pic is older.

this is the mixed breed

Okay, enough with the pics!

Have a great day

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

BEAUTIFUL design of that bedroom!! and wow, it does match... perfectly!! That's so neat.

My 2 dogs are labs, brother & sister, and they LOVE to eat my raspberry and blackberry starts. This will be my 4th year to try... I'm buying an industrial size bottle of cayenne pepper.. :)


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Received seeds yesterday-best swap ever.Thanks to you Lisa & all in the RR. Frank

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zubababy(6b Utah)

I didn't realize you started a different string of posts for the envelope returns :), so I'll post here too.

Lisa, thank you for hosting and letting me know about this swap.
I have received my seeds, and I'm excited to start sprouting some seeds.

Thank you everyone!


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I received my seeds yesterday. Thank you so much Lisa! It was far more than I deserved considering my bout of malaise.
There were some neat surprises in there!

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Morning all,

I'm glad to see that people are posting about their seeds making it home. I did a quick check on dc#s this morning and most have been received just note posted yet.

Alana, come on! You are one of the best here on the garden web. I'm happy that I could come up with some things to send you! As far as the extras sent, I have waaayyyy to many seeds and needed to reduce my stash. I think everyone got back at least 8 or 9 extra packets.

I'm not sure if you remember but I garden for $$ in the nice weather. I had been keeping all my seeds and the bosses seeds seperate.A while back I asked him what he wanted to do with the extras and he said "keep em"! I explained to him that I had a lot of seeds that I only used 10 or 20 out of a package but he has no use for them.I did winter sow 15 cups for his moms house as a Thank you then I divided them up in preparation of this swap. Unfortunetly, I didn't make it through my annuals. I think because first my neck strain, hubby breaking his foot and my dog being sick. There's always next year.

I did bring the dog back for a recheck yesterday in the morning....He was in for surgery by noon. I was told the cost would be between $1500 and $1800, that's not including the $220 from the day before! This is so not what I wanted to hear! I'm grateful that I have been with the same vet for 25 years and they will take monthly payments from me for the surgery!!!! I have to look into medical insurance for this

Hopefully the others will post about their seeds so I can wrap this one up.

Have a great day

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Hi Lisa & RR Folks,
I just got back last night from a trip to sunny southern California for some much needed R&R, we have had a tough winter here in eastern Washington as have many of you. I got warm, it was so nice!
Lisa sorry to here of your troubles with hubs & pups, sending you prayers and my best wishes.
I received my pkg of wonderful seeds, thanks to Lisa for hosting and also to all of you who participated, I got a great mix.

Thanks again everyone :-)

Lisa thanks for letting me win ;-)


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lisam627_ohio_z6(Z5 OH)

Hi Lisa! My package was waiting for me when I got home last night!! Once again, you have sent me a wonderful variety of seeds and I'm very much looking forward to researching the ones that aren't familiar to me!
Thanks a bunch for the extras too - they are always appreciated.

I hope your hubby and dog are doing OK! We have two spoiled dogs that are like our kids to us, so I know how you feel.

Thanks a million for everything and have a wonderful gardening season! - Lisa

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I think I may have fixed my log in problem! I want to thank Lisa for hosting the swap. You did a great job Lisa! I love everything I received and I can't wait to try them. Thanks to everyone who sent in the great seeds!

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

I received my fat pkg today as well. Thank you VERY much Lisa for hosting in the midst of so much chaos.. :) And thanks to all of you for sharing your gardens with me!


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Hi Lisa! Just got home today, and found all the wonderful seeds from the swap waiting on me! Very nice welcome home!
Lisa, thanks so much for all the extras you sent, and for hosting this swap. You did a great job! Hope the hubby and the dog are doing okay, and hope you're getting some much deserved rest.
Thanks also to everyone who sent these great seeds!

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MY GOODNESS!! I got my fantastic seeds right on time...last week! I love ALL the selections you sent me. Lisa, you are the best!

This has been a winter of sickness for us. We never got sick...until this past winter. I will really miss the white stuff, as I am totally in love with skiing, but the kids doing race team every weekend has worn us out. Some warm spring weather will hopefully heal us and turn us back into healthy people again. I'm not sure how much of it is unusual stuff going around, which is certainly happening, and how much is us just being worn out from our schedule.

No green showing at our house yet, and no jugs sprouting...but it won't be long!

THANK YOU AGAIN, LISA! I should let you do all my seed shopping for me!


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