tropical blueberry in terrarium

IrdmutheJuly 27, 2014

hi- I just bought this plant off Ebay because it's so gorgeous, but read that it can get 6' long!!
but it does say it's a terrarium plant. it looks as though there might be several in the pot, it's possible that I could put one in large standing terrarium I have, and maybe try another one somewhere else that has a good bit of humidity. does anyone have any experience with Sphyrospermum cordifolium, listed as an epiphytic blueberry??

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paul_(z5 MI)

I have never done any of the tropical blueberries myself but have known others who have. You are correct that you will need a large terr ... along the lines of a 18"X 18" x 18" or larger if you are thinking long term. Good air circulation will be a must.

As you have discovered, one must take any claims of something being a "terrarium plant" with a bag of salt. Terrs have experienced a resurgence of popularity. As a result everyone is try to cash in on it and there are plenty of plants being touted as "terrarium plants" that either aren't at all, or can be provided one is planning on a large terrarium. Vendors rarely mention such things.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Is that the one native to lowland Costa Rrica,epiphytic vine?? Is that a common name or are they really related to BB?? I recently read a Bio survey of the cental high altitudes and there was a mention of "epiphytic Blueberry"
but unknown to science so guess it would not be the same?? . Googled the name and couldn't find much in English You sound like me Impulse buyer lol i often buy a plant THEN try to figure out how I' going to keep it lol
Good luck sounds interesting!!! gary

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