climate problems

noob_master_flex(z6b NJ)July 10, 2005

i heve a 10 gallon terrarium with some neps in it and i just added an extra light which was needed and now the humidity droped to 60 to 70% and flucuates what do i do to get it back up to 80% or so and keep it 80 85 degrees i am use a ten gal. tank with a full spectrum 15 watt floro and a 15 watt full spectrum compact floro with a heat pad on the bottom what do i do

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

why do you use a heat pad? The lights should keep it warm enough in there.

As for humidity, I always keep a glass lid over my tanks, and it keeps it at 80% or so. 60-70% humidity really isn't bad for neps though. They'll adjust, and it's better to have more light.

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