Day Gecko Can't Climb

phelsuma44July 31, 2006

My mother in law has had a day gecko for about five months now and she called me freaking out because it can no longer climb. I suggested that maybe it was a little deficient in calcium, but there is no softening of the jaw or other limbs. She did notice that some of his skin on his head is more gray than green, which I chalk up to stress. However, this gecko is very fat, maybe a little on the overweight side. Is it possible that it is too heavy? She has all the correct lighting, and feeds gut loaded crickets and tegu worms, but she has been very poor about feeding fruit regularly. Maybe once a month at best. I have told her to take him to the vet, but we live in the boondocks and I don't think there are any vets that would know what to do with a lizard. I think she will travel though, because she loves this gecko. The lizard is not lethargic, it just can't climb. It does not seem to have much interest in eating either. Any diagnostics or suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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paul_(z5 MI)

I'd say check with the folks on the forums at Only guess I would have -- and it is a complete guess -- is perhaps he's getting ready to shed.

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I think he might have blocked intestines, he wont climb and refuses to eat, the different color MIGHT be toxins built up in his system? has he gone "potty?" If he hasnt it might be blocked! When I was a kid I had an iguana that ended up dead (blocked intestines,same signs) because I feed him an incomplete diet, what ever the case a quick trip to the vet wouldnt hurt! =)

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C'mon! Just dont ask a question then not give an update! Hows the little guy doing!? I dont know about anyone else but Id like to know!

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