Bean trellis question - how about that second row?

slowjane CA/ Sunset 21May 22, 2014

Following Mel's design in the book I have 2 squares of pole beans, so 8 altogether in two rows - and one set of four strings in the back going up to my conduit support. I planted the back row of beans first and the front row is almost ready to climb. Will they grow up the same strings or should I add four more strings so they have their own? Or will bean vines climb eachother? ;)

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slowjane CA/ Sunset 21

well... to answer my own question i suppose ;) i tied another piece of jute across the back square foot demarcation from left to right and tied 8 more strings from it up to the trellis. this way they are on a slight angle and each plant gets its own string. it seems like most people use the netting rather than single string method so maybe in that method you just weave them all right next to eachother, even though some plants are slightly "in front" of the others. just wanted to follow up for the sake of it, and so it won't stay stuck at the top of the forum. ;)

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I've found the net to be a much easier method than the individual strings, much less effort for sure!

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slowjane CA/ Sunset 21

okay good to know! yes the strings can be tricky mostly with the tomatoes - so far the beans and cucumbers have found their strings and really climbed on their own. sometimes i have to untangle when a neighbor gets grabby on someone else's string lol. i guess with net this wouldn't matter - and in face, maybe doesn't matter with strings....we shall see what kind of mess we have later in the summer...;)

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