Broken Terrarium Glass

slaptasticJuly 30, 2008

I have an Exoterra 12x12x18 terrarium with a custom background made of logs, foam, and a waterfall. That being said, the background isn't something I can remove from the terrarium.

One of the panels of glass (12x18) cracked and started leaking water. I have since drained it and misted frequently to keep the plants alive, but I view this as temporary.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with fixing something like this. I've never cut glass and don't even know where to go to get this done...or is it something I should learn myself? I love learning new things, but if fixing a few panes of glass at a shop somewhere is less expensive than the equipment I need to do it myself, I'd rather just get it done.

Either way, I'd like some advice from anyone who's had to deal with this before. What kind of money am I looking at spending, where should I go to for help...any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Just how large a crack is it?
If it is only localized to a smaller area than the entire
pane then I would think that using aquarium glass cement and a smaller sized piece of glass that you could glue over the cracked area from the inside would do the trick.
The only problem would be the extent of disturbance of your

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Go to your local glass shop. Every town has a couple - look in the yellow pages under 'glass'. They can order can cut any color or thickness glass you need. I've even had them bevel glass for me.

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