Herp Availability In Canada

tfraleigh(Ont)August 26, 2005

Hey Everyone, just wanted to thank you for all of you help (and ongoing help) in my former post about my new tank.

I was wondering if there's anyone here who knows of web sites/breeders/stores who supply frogs (specifically tree frogs) in canada?

Theres so many great sites that ship from the US, but the fees for CITES, shipping and importing animals make it extremely expensive (and frusterating)

Does anyone know of solid providers shipping from within Canada? Im in Ontario specifically.

Thanks for any help!

Oh, does anyone know where i can get/order a tropicare humidity system around here?

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

There's no extreme shortage of treefrog breeders in Canada, and especially not in Ontario, I would think. At least not for the common ones, like RETFs. I only know of some albertan breeders, but I bet that if you posted on the Canadart forum you'd get a lot of answers. It's not just for dart frog lovers.

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uhhhhhhhhhh, theres a canadian forum...?
Ha ha, wow, Didnt know that!

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