green onion slips

flowerlverMarch 31, 2009

Does any one know where I can find some Green Onion slips. I live in Dickson but work in West Nashville. I have checked at Wallys, L and HD. Checked the Plant Ranch in Dickson too. All I can find are onion bulbs. If you know a place in my area that has them, please let me know.


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Hummmmmmm, sounds like you might have to do a quick on-line buy for them.
I know my UPS guy now knows me by name.LOL!

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LOL,,I may just have to do that. I have never had this much of a problem with finding them before this year. Every one must be buying them and hoarding them,lol.
Thanks Atoka!

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You might try the Dickson Farmers Coop. They have always
carried onion slips and probably have anywhere from 2 to 5
different varieties, ie Texas Sweet, Georgia Sweet,and
several others. They typically come bundled in packages of
about 50 plants. Most of the Co-op's in the area carry
them. They've recently opened their garden center.

My very first post--such freedom from lurkdom--I might just
learn to enjoy posting.

By the way, I'm assuming that you're wanting to grow large
onions and not just scallions.


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My dad checked at the Co op last week and he said they only had bulbs. I will check with them again this week. I actually want the scallions and some large onions too. I just started back here at Gardenweb, its been awhile since I have posted. I am not too far from Bon Aqua, I live off of 46. Thanks for posting. I am going to call them today and see what they have.


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Hello Beth,
Evidently there are several of us in this area. We live on Missionary Ridge just outside "old" Bon Aqua--you know
they move the post office over to new 46 so we call it old
Bon Aqua.
I've not been to the Dickson Co-op in about 2 weeks so I
can't be sure that they have onions is stock. We bought
a bundle at the Co-op in Fairwiew.

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Hi Pat,
I found some slips this afternoon at the Wallys in west Nash today. I got 3 bundles. I couldn't believe that they were $3.50 a bundle. They look good though, they are texas sweets. So, if I don't pull them up as scallions, I just leave them in the ground and they become regular size onions? I have never tried that before. Also, have you ever grown garlic? I want to try some of that too. Here is my e-mail addy,,give me shout.

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I'm going to be bringing a mess of Chives to the MTPS.

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