This tadpole needs help please

llurgy(Zone 6)August 23, 2005

My hubby and 9 year old daughter ventured down to a neighbours pond yesterday and came back with a bunch of little fish, a frog and one tadpole.

She desperately wants to keep the tadpole to watch 'her' turn into a frog.

Help! what do I do? She wont listen to me whaen I say that it needs to go back in the pond.....tadpole brothers and sisters be damned thinks she :)

I have no idea what to put it in, what to feed it or anything.

Would a small fish bowl be ok if I keep replenishing the water? I was planning to change the water with new pond water every couple of days.Is there food in the pond water for the little thing or does it need supplemental feeding.

I am not friends with hubby now, why couldnt they just watch it for a while in the bucket then put it back in the pond?

Please help :)


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Back to the pond, or your daughter will be a lot more upset at the result. Just explain to her that it won't work.

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domehome(9 CA)

Tadpoles tend to stay near the surface in my pond - making it pretty easy to watch them develop in their natural environment. Maybe it's time for a little talk with your daughter about the responsibilities of having pets - namely keeping them safe and happy.


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A lot of my friends from childhood, and my kid neighbors have tried this. They would start out with about 5o+ tadpoles and only end up with a few surviving.

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Hi, I would let her know that it is a lot of work to keep it, my duaghters did the same when they were children but Im like an animal nut so I built them a terrarium, the tadpoles did indeed live and go on to become frogs then later released, but if you would like to try all you would need is a ten gallon tank with regular aquarium gravel set up on a slant, so that one side of the tank is water and the other side is "land", keep the temp the same as outside, feed the little guy spiralina chips or plain old tropical fish food, change the water with spring water as needed and you should be good to go, when his legs grow in (or out?) it will start to venture onto land, then you will need to buy small crickets to feed it, it wont take them right away but will when its ready, then when its all grown up you can keep it, or, you can just set it free now, its up to you! =) Tony =^)-

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You can keep it if its just one,really. If you keep fish,then you can feed them fish food pellets. Cooked water will work. Let the water cool down first though. they are coolwater creatures.

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