Sources for compost, vermiculite & peat in Chattanooga area

dixiedazzleMarch 24, 2010

I'm going to Square Foot Gardening this year for veggies, have been gathering supplies.

I had a load of compost delivered yesterday, 13 yards for $125. 423-333-8810. I don't know what his delivery area is.

Bradley County Farmer's Co-Op, Blue Springs Rd at APD 40. 423-472-3239 (First I-75 Cleveland exit coming from Chattanooga is APD 40)

They've got 1 bale of peat left, I got all the vermiculite they had, they are ordering more.

5.5 cu ft bale of peat $22.99

4 cu ft A3 vermiculite: $21.95

I don't know if these are good prices or not for the area, but it's what I found & thought I would share.

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Hey there. We bought our vermiculite and peat from there too. You must be pretty close by. Do you know what the compost that guy has is made up with?

Will you be selling at any local markets? 13 yards is a lot of compost!

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Turns out Co-Op was over-priced. Beaty's on Wildwood Ave in Cleveland had the vermiculite, same size/brand for $16.99.

Compost is cow manure, hay. Has been piled up, sitting outside, is well aged & very "clean" (can you say that about manure?) looking, no dirt. It's from a farm in Athens. Yes, it's a lot of compost! I've got 3 beds mixed, 4 x 12, one 2 x 18 +/-, more beds to build. I'm having a blast with it.

I'm in Birchwood. I don't sell at markets, just family use/canning.
Bales of peat were 13.49 for 3.8 cu/ft, slightly smaller size.

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There's a place on Middle Valley Road in Hixson that has huge "hills" of mushroom compost, 'regular' compost, and other stuff...will be stopping by there sometime this week, since I am attempting one raised bed along with my SWCs this year, and don't want to buy 10 bags of soil to fill it up with.

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So glad you said about the vermiculite at Beaty's as I was about to go to the co-op myself. This is a year later bt I just got 3.8 cuft peat bales for 11.00 at Ace hardware in Ooltewah, Tennessee.

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