shotgun tree trimming

behaviorkelton(7-ish)March 20, 2010

This looks incredibly convenient, but I doubt the cuts are very smooth/clean.

This guy lives in middle Tennessee.


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Wonder how large the pellet spread would be at that distance and just how accurate one could be? Does look lots more convenient than any alternative.

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If you look at this man's other videos, he is a real sharp shooter... hitting distant targets with simple handguns.

No ladder, no sawing... pretty cool... I'd just worry about possible diseases entering through that rough wound.

Maybe trees are tougher than that. I don't know.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

The biggest issues would be how accurate his shots could be (how well he could judge where the branch need to be cut, from the ground, as well as how accurate his shot was) and how well (fast) the tree could cover over the rough wound compared to a close-cut smooth wound (this would depend a lot on how well the damage could be contained to a small area). I doubt this will ever become an ISA sanctioned procedure, but it is interesting to watch. He certainly does make it seem easy.

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I've shot branches out of the top of a hickory that I wanted to propagate by grafting, as the lowest branches were over 40 ft up, and no way I could reach them with a pole pruner. Took a whole lot of shots with a .22 rifle to cut through that 1.5" branch.

I've seen, in past issues of the ACCF newsletter, that they'd enlisted the help of 4-H Shooting Sports marksmen to shoot chestnut burs out of trees so that they could collect them for their seednut distribution program before the critters got 'em.

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