have a couple empty squares, ideas??

shelly12378May 15, 2010

New to square foot gardening but NOT new to gardening.

I started with 4 beds this year, each bed is 4x4

After planting everything, I find I have left over (1) front-row spot and (2) 2nd row spots. I am counting rows south to north so front row = the shortest stuff.

I already have in the front squares: lettuce, radish, carrot, beets, shallot, garlic, spinach, onion. 2nd row plants I have garlic, onion, spinach, parsley, nasturtium, chard, mustard.

Can anyone recommend a short veggie and 2 medium that I have not thought of? I am wracking my brain, I know I have forgotten some. I am not strongly opposed to flowers for the extra spots, just would prefer another veggie.

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alouwomack(Zone 7)

What about chives? My husband eats them before they even make it to the kitchen! And maybe some dill (if its not too tall)?


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bush beans are a good filler. Do you successive plant and harvest? It would be normal to have a few open spots waiting for let us say a cabbage or another round of carrots, It took me a while to catch on I was a life long row crop gardener. Now I stretch planting/harvest as far as I can and enjoy gardening more than ever?


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alouwomack(Zone 7)

Bush beans are a good idea . . . I've done 4 squares worth and they are doing well at minding their own business!

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heather38(6a E,Coast)

I wish I had your problem :-) Toms could shade the cool weather stuff? if you like them :-)

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thanks for all of the suggestions!
In 2 of the back squares I have scarlet runner and kentucky wonder. So maybe a yellow wax bush would be a nice addition! I did not know bush would behave in only 1 square :)

I have chives off in a "regular" bed because I grew them where I used to live and they spread like crazy. I had to pick off all the flowers and still I must have missed a few because each year the Chive was leaping to new places. Even the cracks in the driveway! I did not want to risk it overtaking my nice new Sq ft beds. Dill "exploded" on me too when I grew it.

Yes, I am kind of planning out my succession plantings. It is a bit hard to plan, this being my first year with these beds. In my radish squares, I also planted the carrot and I am pulling a few young radish already to give the tiny carrots more room. When the lettuce fades out I will probably plant more of it, and I planted each lettuce square 1-2 weeks after each other to not get all the lettuce at once.

Cabbage is a blech veggie in my household. I would be the only one eating it :) Already the kids have offered to pull the "weed" broccoli and mustard greens for me.

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alouwomack(Zone 7)

I wish I had your problem with chives . . . Well, I guess I might someday, I planted some in one of my empty front corners . . . we'll see how it goes. I've never had much luck with it in years past.

So, what did you plant in your empty squares afterall?

What zone are you in?

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Since you are not opposed to flowers marigolds might be a good choice. They might help fight off nematodes and attract beneficial insects. They provide an entire season of blooms as well.

Herbs like red basils can be ornamental as well as edible.


Here is a link that might be useful: Kim's Garden

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Bush beans are great "Behavers" they don't get too tall and don't spread much.
I just wish mine would hurry up-I want green beans and they are not quite ready for picking yet.

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