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epl_92(7)August 9, 2011

I recently set up a new terrarium, and to my surprise the common black ants that invade my house in the summer have discovered it. They seem to have built small ant hill under my phal leaf and i'm worried that they might soon move their queen in if they haven't already done so. My questions are, has anyone else ever experienced this, how was it dealt with, and what are the potential consequences of their presence? I want to deal with this as naturally as possible and preferably without disturbing the recently planted terrarium. I can provide pictures if that would help.

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paul_(z5 MI)

First of all, what are you using as media? Phals should not be "planted" -- they are epiphytes. Soil is a definite "no".

Assuming you are not using soil which would likely kill your phal, covering the terr with a tight fitting small screen mesh (small enough to prevent ants from entering or leaving) will prevent new ants from arriving and should cause any in the tank to die of starvation (though this will obviously take a bit of time).

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Could CONCERN (product name),be used it's kills ants in soil and trails?, read instructions for use. Norma

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