Bad if mushrooms are growing in my terrarium?

sunnyvalley(Phoenix)August 11, 2014

I just noticed I have mushrooms growing in my terrarium! Their growth seems only very recent, which is kinda odd considering it's over 6 months old and I've never opened it. Maybe I need to air it out a bit.

I think they look kinda cool so I'd be happy just picking out the dead ones, but I wondered if this is harmful to my plants. What concerns me isn't really the mushrooms themselves, but in the picture you'll notice a fine white sort of dusting on the soil and even on the leaves directly above the mushroom area. It isn't fuzzy or anything, and it doesn't seem to be killing the plants (yet?). Not sure if that's from the mushrooms, or a coincidental other mold/fungus, or simply a result of condensation? (I neglected to rotate it much and that's the side where most moisture has been collecting.) Advice appreciated!

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judyj(Z5 CO)

Hi SunnyValley,
From DianaMay's post on closed terrariums: "White furry mold should be rubbed gently with a finger to disturb it as soon as it is noticed. Usually it will not persist if you rub it down a few times."

I had some mushrooms growing in one of mine, and then got some rust on the ferns. Let it air out a little and cut off the fronds with the rust, pulled all the mushrooms. Sounds like you might have some of that white mold Diana mentioned. I'd try to get rid of it. I see you've got an asparagus fern in there, though I'm not sure what the other plants are.

I'd also get rid of the mushroom before it releases more spores.

In general, it may simply be some spores that were in there or got in there, and that's what caused the mushroom to grow!

No need to redo your terrarium, these things do clear up. Yours looks pretty good!


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