rootygirl(6b/7)March 24, 2010

I am reading on these forums that the yellow corydalis is easier to grow in this zone. Is corydalis lutea and fumewort the same plant?

I bought a "Canary Feathers" fumewort and killed it. I thought it was dormant, but it did not reappear. I am having trouble finding a "corydalis lutea". Has anyone had luck with these in this region?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Corydalis lutea is an obsolete name for Pseudofumaria lutea, which is sometimes called Yellow Corydalis (Lutea means yellow), Rock Fumewort, or Yellow Rock Fumewort. Fumewort is a common name that, like most common names, can refer to many different types of plants. 'Canary Feathers' is a hybrid between Corydalis moorcroftiana (seed parent) and Corydalis wilsonii (pollen parent). So, 'Canary Feathers' is not a member of the Pseudofumaria lutea species.

If you are still looking for a Pseudofumaria lutea (aka Corydalis lutea), check with Avant Gardens, Forestfarm, or Romence Gardens & Greenhouses for plants or J.L. Hudson Seedsman for seed.

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