When to plant in Atoka

corriganMarch 2, 2008

I just moved up here from Corpus Christi, so I have no idea when to plan on starting my vegetable garden. I don't even know when the soil might be dry enough to start digging the place for beds. I'm lost! I can find information on the last average frost for Memphis, but on two different occasions I've driven from here to Memphis and there was a 10 degree difference, so I'm not sure I should use the last frost there as a good indicator of when we might get the last frost here and when it will be warm enough to put out warm weather plants. I'd love any advice from people up in this area!!!

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I can help you on this one. Hello neighbor!

I have already been seeding some of my veggies. Our last frost date is the end of the month(March). If you want any flowers,(daffadills) let me know.I have a wonderful spot to get all you could use.

I hope you come to the Memphis Swap also!

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I would love some flowers! This house was a bank foreclosure that was neglected for years by owners who didn't care, so the yard and flower beds are in absolutely horrible condition. (You should hear the stories the neighbors tell about how much worse it looked before the bank cleaned it up, lol.)

I was already reading the information on the swap and I hope I can make it as well. My husband still has to lay new flooring in the living and dining rooms and my daughter and I will go visit family for that, so we won't be in the way. If that doesn't coincide with the swap, I will try to bring some extra seedlings. :)

Thanks so much for replying!

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E-mail me @

dawn40@bigriver.net and we will set something up.

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Hey Y'all. I am in Memphis, so I am really close to you. When/where is the plant swap going to be at? What do I do if I have nothing to swap?Can I purchase them? Thanks so much.

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